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But you can always try to individualize it. For more than 20 years, Breyton Design has stood for functionality, elegance and individuality. Product development for Breyton wheels has the distinction of competent engineering in all aspects of design and manufacturing.

Right from the beginning of each wheel development, Breyton Design uses cutting edge technologies - FEM calculation for structural analysis of material and for assessment of property strengths. Each Breyton wheel is designed to achieved the finest technical specifications for car tuning and impressive exclusivity.

To the owner of Breyton Design GmbH, Edmund Breyton, autotechnic and autodesign were his dearest hobbies during his IT study. Very soon, it was clear that he cannot evade his passion for automobile tuning so he founded the engineering office EBS in Stockach in 1982. Initially, the field of activity of his company was to develop design studies for several automobile purifiers and automobile manufacturers, especially AMG and BMW.

Due to increasing demand and popularity for his expertise, Edmund Breyton expanded his distribution network and in 1985, he introduced his first own design line for aerodynamic parts.

In the beginning of 1987, the development and production of alloy wheel rims began. According to the strong demand on motor tuning and increase on performance it was possible to develop and offer performance optimized tuning kits.

In 1986, Edmund Breyton renamed his company to breyton design GmbH and moved to a 6000 sqm office in Stockach. From 1992, breyton design GmbH offered aerodynamic parts, alloy wheel rims and motor tuning for all current BMW models. In 2000, breyton design GmbH bought over 57% stake of a Swiss motor smithy and today it is called Breyton Swiss.

The result of this was a leading role in the range of motor tunings and the compressor technology and the creation of the three fastest BMW vehicles in the world (with 528 PS) by breyton design GmbH. The enormous increase of demand for quality, high-class and exclusive alloy wheel rims resulted in an intense focus on the development of rims.

Today, breyton design GmbH has the biggest assortments of alloy wheels designs and dimensions of all BMW tuners. The key to success is based on the high quality requirements which breyton design GmbH has to both itself and to its suppliers.

Like all successful tuning companies and alloy wheels brands, new trading areas are added all the time. Breyton wheels are now available in more than 20 countries, including Germany, USA, Japan, Singapore and more!

breyton design GmbH remains a priority in the BMW tuning sector. Creativity, innovation and quality contributed to that. These values will always be the basis and reasons for the continued success of breyton design GmbH.